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Reference Documentation

The reference documentation covers all aspects of DataSQRL and the SQRL language in detail.

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If you are new to DataSQRL or SQRL, we recommend that you start with the Quickstart tutorial and the DataSQRL introduction.

The reference documentation is divided into 4 sections:

  • SQRL: Documentation of the SQRL language for writing SQRL scripts. SQRL is an SQL dialect with some syntactic sugar to make data product implementations easier.
  • API: Documentation of how to query and design the data APIs compiled by DataSQRL.
  • Sources & Sinks: Documentation on how to create data sources and sinks for ingesting and exporting data from and to external sources.
  • Build: Documentation on how to compile, run, and deploy DataSQRL scripts.

In addition, there is documentation on the key concepts that are used throughout this documentation.