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We Are DataSQRL

Our mission is to help developers and organizations build with data. And show the world that data is fun … isn’t it?

Why DataSQRL?

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 - to build data products with their data and realized that it’s too darn hard with existing technologies and processes. Companies are leaving a lot of value on the table because extracting it from their data is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

We started DataSQRL to empower developers and organizations to build with data and unlock the value they are sitting on. We believe that we need better technology and better processes. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are committed to figuring it out.

Please join our community or our company if you care about empowering developers to build with data and help us find a better approach.
Work with us if you want to enable your organization to build successful data products quickly and efficiently. We’d love to help you.

Meet the Founders

Matthias Broecheler

Matthias Broecheler

Matthias is the former Chief Technologist at DataStax, the company behind the NoSQL Cassandra database. He invented the JanusGraph database (formerly TitanDB) and is an author of O’Reilly’s “Practitioner’s Guide to Graph Data”.
He is a founder of the database company Aurelius which was acquired by DataStax in 2015.
Matthias holds a PhD in database systems and machine learning from the University of Maryland where he developed the PSL machine learning framework.
Matthias is too short to be a competitive rower but loves it anyways.

Daniel Henneberger

Daniel Henneberger

Daniel has worked on data products for most of his career in the tech industry. He previously worked for companies such as Oracle, DataStax (the company behind Apache Cassandra), and Datakin (the company behind LFAI OpenLineage).
Daniel has worked on a number of open-source projects and (streaming) data systems. He is equally excited about index selection as fine-tuning engineering development processes.
Daniel's passion for hiking and fermented foods adds a unique perspective to his work.