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A package is a grouping of files that the DataSQRL compiler can load at compile time to resolve external dependencies of an SQRL script. A package is represented by a directory on the local filesystem. DataSQRL locates the package directory relative to the build path.

For example, the import statement IMPORT datasqrl.seedshop.Orders is resolved by loading the Orders source table from the package datasqrl.seedshop. DataSQRL locates the package datasqrl.seedshop as the sub-directory datasqrl/seedshop/ in the build directory.

Similarly, IMPORT time.startOfMonth is resolved by loading the function startOfMonth from the package time.

DataSQRL uses a configurable and extensible set of loaders to dynamically resolve packages at compile time.

Local Package

A local package is a directory on the path where the DataSQRL compiler is invoked. The directory in which the DataSQRL compiler is executed is the root directory which represents the root package. All local packages are resolved relative to the root directory.

Remote Package

A remote package is a dependency defined in the package manifest that is downloaded by the package manager from a repository and unpacked in the build directory.

Internal Package

An internal package is pre-loaded by the DataSQRL compiler and always available. It does not map to a directory in the local filesystem.

For example, all standard library functions are contained in internal packages. For example, time is an internal package that contains the standard time functions DataSQRL supports.