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Michael Canzoneri

Unfortunately, my semi-retirement has come to an end.

It’s been an incredible ten months waking up and not having to be anywhere other than school dropoff.  However, all good things must turn into even better things!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined my old friends from DataStax, Matthias Broecheler, and Daniel Henneberger, as co-founder of DataSQRL.

And what a time to join! Our self-funded venture is already profitable, with a growing customer base.

What does DataSQRL do?

Your “Operating System for Data” builds data products in minutes.  Gone are months wasted attempting to integrate multiple vendor technologies for a data pipeline.

DataSQRL abstracts and automates the building of data pipelines through our SQL interface, which we’ve affectionately dubbed SQRL.  Yes, pronounced “Squirrel,” just like the fuzzy little guys running around your yard.

Have you struggled with Apache Kafka?  Flink?  Streaming?  Data in motion? Integrating your Artificial Intelligence into your systems?  Anything “Real-Time?” Struggle no more, and get started here!

We provide an open-source tool that can help you along with some professional services.

Now that that is out of the way, onto more interesting things…

What did I do over these last ten months? You’re wondering…

What didn’t I do?  I…

  • Spent a ton of time watching my autistic son make incredible progress
  • Helped produce a shark documentary, Unmasking Monsters Below, with my friend, Kevin Lapsley
  • Traveled to more than 30 different places, both nationally and internationally (pictures below)
  • Read 41 books
  • Wrote 200 pages in my journal
  • Started writing a new book
  • Started writing a new screenplay
  • Continued working on my photography skills
  • Watched SO MUCH college football (We are!)
  • Cooked my wife breakfast (almost) every day
  • Made a ton of new recipes
  • Worked out 4-6 days per week
  • Mentored several young professionals to find their way
  • Caught up with some old friends
  • Served as an advisor to ten AI-based startups
  • And attended a few concerts…

More on all of this as the months roll on…

What’s next for me and DataSQRL?

If you’re attending Data Days in Austin, TX, next week, check out Matthias’ presentation.

Otherwise, make sure you follow us here on LinkedIn.

I promise that some of my upcoming posts will cover what I did over the last ten months.  You know me… However, here are some highlights in pictures…

A 3x Silicon Valley Unicorn veteran with IPO experience, award-winning screenwriter, and 2006 Time Magazine “Person of the Year,” Canz is often mistaken for Joe Rogan while walking down the street.  He can be found on LinkedIn, IMDB, and helping people how to pronounce “Conshohocken.”

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Picture Highlights

Highlights |

Innescron, County Sligo, Ireland

Highlights |

Mystic, CT

Highlights |

Innescron, County Sligo, Ireland

Highlights |Newport, RIHighlights |Metlife Stadium, NJ - Metallica ConcertHighlights |Napa Valley, CA