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The EXPORT statement feeds records from a stream table to an external data system or action trigger in realtime.

Export statements are used to react to data by publishing the rows in a stream table to some external system that further processes the data or triggering an action immediately.

An export statement connects a stream table to a table sink which is identified by the export path.

EXPORT UserPromotion TO mysink.promotion;

This statement exports the stream table UserPromotion to the sink table promotion inside the mysink package via the export path mysink.promotion.

Import and export paths are resolved identically. Refer to the import documentation to see how DataSQRL resolves packages.

Export to Data System

To export to a data system, you need to define a data sink package. A data sink configures how to connect to an external data system and what table sink are available.
Refer to the data sources and sink documentation for more details.

print is a data sink that is part of the SQRL standard library (i.e. it does not require a data sink package) and prints all records in the stream table.

Export to Action Trigger

Coming soon.