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The print data sink prints the data records in a stream to standard output.

The print data sink is always available as an internal package and does not need to be configured or included in a project.

EXPORT NewCustomerPromotion TO print.Promotion; 

This export statement prints all records in the NewCustomerPromotion stream table and uses the sink table name Promotion as the prefix in the output.

Print Sink Connector


Defining a print sink is not necessary as it is pre-configured under the internal package name print. Only define a new print sink if you need to customize it or make it available under a different package name.

To define a print sink, use the following configuration in the system.discovery.table.json:

"type": "sink",
"name": "myprint",
"connector": {
"name": "print",
"prefix": "myOwnPrint-"

The print connector has the following configuration options:

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
prefixPrefix is prepended to the sink table name in the print outputNo

The print data sink dynamically generates table sinks which means it is not required to configure individual table sinks, and you don't have to run data discovery to create a print sink package. The system.discovery.table.json file is sufficient to configure a print sink package.